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When are we “too old” to be productive in the workplace?

“For employees at the Vita Needle Co., turning 70 or 80 or even 100 doesn’t mean a retirement party; it means a coffee break with a birthday cake – and then getting back to work…. “ Vita In The Boston Globe 3/31/2012, by Katie Johnston There is a small company in central Massachusetts where the average…

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Is 80 The New Retirement Age? Many Americans Think So. What do the Employers Think?

This is the title of a recent Forbes article! The article cites a Wells Fargo Survey of affluent Americans.  According to the survey, “The concept of ‘retirement age’ is going the way of the typewriter, another 20th-century relic that has been made irrelevant by changing circumstances.” Concerns about having enough for retirement are driving this sentiment.  The…

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Did you know?

Boomer Stats… 76 million babies were born during the baby boom from 1946 to 1964 2010 census: ages 46-64 total baby boomer population 74,550,112 2008 election: baby boomer total population 77,097,000; 72,206,000 were citizens; 53,851,000 or 75% reported registered to vote; 49,625,000 or 69% reported to have voted 2009: highest percent population of baby boomers…

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The Genesis

Over several decades I’ve held a variety of positions in large corporations. As I got older, I realized that the divide was no longer across gender lines as I had experienced throughout most of my career; it was in fact – Age! The Gender gap in the workplace was familiar to me, however I soon…

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The Boomer Effect

A Baby Boomer is a person born during the Post WW II demographic birth boom. Seventy-six million American babies were born between 1946 and 1964. The baby boom cohort represents 26% of the total population. However, by the end of the birth boom in 1964, some 42 percent of the population was in this group.…

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