Let’s start a dialogue about fairness in the workplace for the active baby boomer!

Did you know?

Boomer Stats…

76 million babies were born during the baby boom from 1946 to 1964

2010 census: ages 46-64 total baby boomer population 74,550,112

2008 election: baby boomer total population 77,097,000; 72,206,000 were citizens; 53,851,000 or 75% reported registered to vote; 49,625,000 or 69% reported to have voted

2009: highest percent population of baby boomers living in a metro area was 29.9% – the area: Portland, So. Portland, Biddeford, ME

2009: lowest percent population of baby boomers living in a metro area – Provo Orem, Utah – 14.9%

Male baby boomers account for an estimated 28.02% of the male population in the U.S. and female baby boomers account for 27.64%

Baby boomers have a higher level of education than any generation before them • 88.8% of boomers completed high school • 28.5% have a Bachelor’s Degree, or more

Starting January 1, 2011 every 8 seconds a baby boomer turns 65 years old totaling 10,000 boomers a day turning 65!

By the year 2030, the baby boomers will be ages 66—84 and make up approximately 20% of the total population.

If you are a baby boomer, YOU are part of a powerful voting demographic in this country! 

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